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…aaaaaaand, we’re back April 27, 2007

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I’ve been a little busy, moving across continents and stuff like that. Spotted: these candles at this party. Guess which country (and click on the photo for more clues).


Hello Kitty suitcase December 20, 2006

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This is my fiancé pulling my suitcase for me at Paris’s Gare du Nord, while we waited for a taxi (click photo to see a larger version). It’s a great case, with a Louis Vuitton-inspired HK motif. (Side note: I have decided that the best way to declare yourself uninterested in anything but conformity is to carry Louis Vuitton luggage or a LV handbag. I see so many hundreds of people with that stuff that I just can’t think of anything less original to spend huge wads of money on. I wouldn’t even waste money on the rip-off stuff, just to look like a bunch of other people.)

I post this picture now because I had a dream about this case last night, and about another HK suitcase that I don’t think actually exists. It was super cute, though, with a huge Hello Kitty face spanning the centre and the left corner of the pink luggage. My dreams rule.


Not all cashmere is equal December 19, 2006

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On the way back from last Saturday’s impromtu shopping trip, I stopped at Bluebird – there was a posh mini-market just outside the restaurant. I came across a stall with lots of beautiful (and expensive) cashmere, which does deserve a mention. Having acquired a fair amount of cashmere in New York on my last trip (the full extent of the cashmere extravaganza is between me and Jackie!), I could appreciate the quality, if not the price. It was Emma Jane Knight’s (ejk) cashmere and she was ‘manning’ the stall herself. As she explained there is so much competition in cashmere these days, she went for the top end of the market. Fair enough. I particularly like the BAST style (£260). 

AFRODITE also looks wonderful, I am still looking for that ultimate wrap top.

So it seems that what I need to do now is to blog about all the cashemere I got in New York last week.


Nick & Nora Sock Monkey Flannel Sheets

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I can’t exit a Target without a set of sheets. I bought these on a trip to the big, new Target in San Jose, California. They cost less than 30 smackers and are fabulous in every way. (Sadly, it looks like they’re only available in twin size through the website.)


I need this on a cushion

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Of course, I’d have to hide it when family came ’round, but it would be worth it. (This is by Gayla, who runs You Grow Girl and fabulous online shop SuperFantastico.)


Time to work December 18, 2006

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I flew from the US on Saturday with a nasty cold. From experience I know that the best way to avoid jetlag is to keep going. So what’s a girl to do? Go and check out her local fashion haunts. It helps being within spitting distance from the King’s Road. Dahling.

At 'work' for travaux manuel

One of the best finds was a Christian Lacroix (warning, a horrible flash site) hand painted silk top. I did not get it as the colour didn’t go with my skin tone (too pale) but wanted to show what’s out there.

Christian Lacroix top Christian Lacroix top

And this simply had to be photographed, Jackie’s obsession appreciation of handbags, made this one a must. Ghastly as it is, it certainly has ‘comedy’ value.

A handbag!

Strangely enough, I did not purchase either of the items shown here. But I did get a pretty Jean Muir grey knit top (£9.99). I will post pictures of it once I try it on unsuspecting public.


Lucky Star Origami Earrings December 17, 2006

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Here’s how you know you’re an Etsy addict: When you’re subjecting your fiancé to a review of the day’s ‘ones that got away’ on Etsy (red flag number one), you get insanely jealous of whoever snapped up those Lucky Star Origami Earrings (red flag number two), and are then astonished to see on your Etsy history that you are the one who snapped them up (red flag number three).

I have no idea what I’m going to wear these with, and they seem a little longer than I usually go for when it comes to earrings, but I’m sure I’ll figure out a way to make them work. I just love the colours and the concept of origami accessories. Plus, at $4, this is hardly a purchase I could ever live to regret.